Fundus Photography:

We have the best Fundus Photography to document the fundus changes mainly used for Diabetic Retinopathy(mild, moderate and severe changes) which also helps patient understand the condition and to monitor the progress in follow ups.


We have the spectral domain optoview OCT which is the best in the world to measure the thickness in the retina to identify the retinal conditions which is sometimes difficult to pick up clinically otherwise. It is used in diagnosing Retinal conditions- Macular hole, Macular pucker, Vitreomacular traction, Macular edema, Detachments of the neurosensory retina and retinal pigment epithelium, ARMD etc. Apart from the retina, Optic nerve Nerve fiber analysis in relation to Glaucoma gives good results in evaluation. In Anterior segment OCT images of the Cornea, Anterior chamber, Iris and Angles can be visualised.


Among the therapeutic Retinal treatment we have Argon Retinal lasers to prevent the loss of vision in conditions like severe Diabetic retinopathy, macular odema and retinal tears/holes. Both slitlamp assisted (for posterior, central part of the retinal lesions)and LIO-Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscopy (for peripheral retinal lesions) are available in our center.

Intravitreal Injection

Our center has the facility to give anti-VEGF/Eylea injections aided with excellent diagnostic tests in conditions like Diabetic retinopathy, Age related Macular Degeneration, Retinal vascular occlusions and Choroidal Neovascular membrane.