Refractive Surgery - Lasik, ICL, ICPL

Navashakthi Nethralaya is well equipped with all the required state of art machinery and experienced ophthalmologist with required expertise to provide freedom from glasses.

  • 1) Zeiss MEL 80 Lasik machine: Can provide Traditional LASIK and Bladeless and Flapless Advanced surface ablation. It also has the unique software to provide crystal clear vision even to those patients above 40 yrs.
  • 2) Pentacam:
  • 3) ASOCT:
  • 4) Slit lamp Photography:

The other refractive surgeries offered in our center are:

  • 1) LASIK Xtra
  • 2) ICL(Implantable Contact Lens) /IPCL(Presbyopic Implantable Contact Lens)

Thereby Navashakthi Nethralaya has both the experienced surgeons and the required advanced state of art machines to provide a complete solution of Freedom from glasses to each and every patient across all age groups.



A flap is created in the cornea, the black part of the eye and the underneath tissue is lasered with the Zeiss Lasik machine. The flap is replaced back. The procedure is very precise and accurate with quick recovery time. It is a painless procedure, with immediate correction of the vision. Most patients can report to normal work immediately after LASIK.