At Navashakthi Nethralaya we have latest Modern and Sophisticated Equipments that help us in Documenting, Diagnosing and Treating patients with specific Eye conditions.

ARGOS Optical Biometry

Navashakthi Nethralaya is the first in the country to have the best, the ARGOS Optical Biometry (eye measurements) and performs calculations for accurate selection of IOLs (intraocular lens). It gives accurate results even when the cataracts are very dense. It is non contact (without touching the eye) and a non invasive (without entering the eye) and a very superior Optical Biometry.


PENTACAM(Oculus) machine is used for diagnosis of Keratoconus. All the necessary parameters like the pachymetry(corneal thickness),Anterior and Posterior curvature of the Cornea, Corneal topography, Anterior chamber depth are also available in this machine. Other corneal ectatic disorders are also easily diagnosed.

Coupled with Pentacam, Argos biometry not only gives the right IOL power, but also helps in choosing the right IOL so that most patients has complete freedom from glasses after cataract surgery.

A Scan Echorule 2

It measures the Axial length of the eye and Intra Ocular Lens to be implanted in the surgery. Both contact and immersion techniques are available to calculate the Intr Ocular Lens power.


Navashakthi nethralaya is also one of the first few centres to aquire ZEPTO Precision cataract sugery which is a Semirobotic surgery and the most recent advanced technique where a disposable device is used through the small opening made in the eye. It facilitates the removal of the lens capsule by releasing pulses of energy. It increases the precision, provides safe procedure, gives clear vision, takes less surgery time, produces higher accurate results, gives freedom from glasses.