Visual fields(Humphrey Field Analyser)

Our center has the best visual fields analyser to detect and monitor the progression of Glaucoma. It assess the field of vision which is the function of the Optic nerve, affected in Glaucoma.


We have the best Spectral Domain Optoview OCT to detect Glaucoma in suspects and to monitor the early to moderate Glaucoma cases. The Anterior segment OCT gives the images of the cornea, iris, anterior chamber angles and the anterior chamber depth. it is helpful in diagnosing anterior segment lesions and in cases of narrow angle suspects.

Ultrasound Pachymetry

The Intraocular Pressure related to Glaucoma is correlated with the corneal thickness. we have sophisticated instruments to measure the corneal thickness.

Fundus photography

High resolution Fundus camera captures the Optic Nerve Head for documenting the disc changes.

The interventional treatment modalities are:

Nd Yag lasers: Apart from using it to treat Posterior Capsular Opacification(after cataracts), it is also used for peripheral iridotomies for narrow/angle closure suspects to facilitate the fluid draining from the eye and hence prevents build of pressure in the eye.


When the medical treatment fails, to lower the Introcular pressures in advanced/uncontrolled Glaucoma, filtration procedures, Trabeculectomy surgeries/augmented with Mitomycin C/ with Olagen/ with drainage shunting devices are also done with excellent care.