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A Day In Navashakthi Nethralaya

Navashakthi Nethralaya is one of the highly equipped super specialty hospital.

A Day In Navashakthi Nethralaya

Patient reports at reception for registration.

After registration of patient's details, reception will hand over a computer generated slip for the consultation fee paid.

New patients will be given a consultation file, Follow up patients are requested to bring their old files.

If you are new patient please fill an information form, this will help us to serve you better.

Optometrist will see you as soon as possible and will take your medical & surgical history, check vision & eye pressure. Please inform us if you have an allergy to any medicine or food items.

The consultant will see you, take detailed history and examine you.

If necessary eye drops will be instilled into your eyes to dilate the pupils, this usually takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Again a dilated eye reading will be taken and you will be examined by the concerned Consultant for a detailed Retina examination. You might have to wait for your turn, please be assured that you will be given the necessary time & all your questions will be answered to your satisfaction.

Treatments such as a laser, minor surgeries may be performed same day to avoid multiple visits by patients.

Collect your Consulted Prescription sheet duly signed and sealed by the Doctor seen by you.

Please give your feedback from the visit. This will facilitate better service on your next visit.